Lyrics by Michael Cooper.  Performed by Marissa Corvo

From the musical Cayce. Lyrics by Rochelle Bright. Performed by Sarah Chalfy

From Parlor Songs, this is an homage to Early Stephen Foster.  Performed by Sierra Boggess

A Glam Metal Song of Togetherness.  Lyrics by Philip Dawkins, Performed by Corn Mo (Vocals) and Royce Peterson (Guitars)
If you're at all offended by profanity, please don't listen - there's A LOT of it here

Based on the nautical legend of a siren whose song lures sailors to their death.  Lyrics by Michael Cooper.  Performed by Krista Adams Santilli

About sideshow veteren Donny Vomit.  Lyrics by Rochelle Bright.  Performed by Joe Cassidy 

Performed by Josh Franklin

From the musical Cayce.  Lyrics by Rochelle Bright. Performed by Kathleen Stewart