Composer David Mallamud’s brain is a busy place. With a particular gift for compositions that fuse genres with his own unique perspective, the dynamic young composer’s debut CD, “The Wild & Whimsical Worlds of David Mallamud”, brings the listener through a fanciful tour of time and place. Stops include a visit to Parisian music hall culture, ‘80s Glam Metal, Victorian parlor songs, salsa-drenched Latin daytime telenovelas, Irish-inspired sea shanties, and just about everything in between.  

Sweetening the musical pot is the addition of some of today’s greatest Broadway voices: Sierra BoggessJanet DacalAmick Byram, Morgan JamesConstantine MaroulisChristiane Noll, and Brian Charles Rooney, plus Irish singer Cathie Ryan and Dan Webb (Rant & Roar), in collaboration with the Albany Symphony’s rock-chamber ensemble, Dogs of Desire conducted by David Alan Miller. Also featured are guests Eric Rigleron uilleann pipes (films Braveheart and Titanic) and guitarist Joel Hoekstra (Rock of Ages, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Whitesnake).

Mallamud considers this album—produced by the acclaimed Kim Scharnberg, and Grammy winners Joel Moss and David Alan Miller—the best of a decade of work written for Dogs of Desire.

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