"Wild & Whimsical A Delight...It's cheeky and catchy and kitschy and showy and playful, frolicking through assorted theatrical-musical genres without ever crossing the line into irony or camp. Even the composer's three-track tribute to '60s lounge music, "Chrome-Plated-Gut-Waddin' Mondorofico," somehow comes off as both brilliant spoof and gobsmacked fanboy homage...At each stop on the way, he nails the genre — and the culture surrounding it — with such perfect joy and precision that you'll swear you've heard it before...There is no apology in Mallamud's music, no distancing with a protective layer of satire. It's as sincere as it is outrageous...The sum is an album of music conceived for imaginary stages in imaginary worlds, but rendered like old hands...the music is delightful. It's also insane. There's a nuttiness to the whole thing, a kind of crazed enthusiasm...But there's a beauty to it, too — and with all of that time-traveling, a timelessness."
– Amy Biancolli, Albany Times Union 

“The Wild & Whimsical Worlds of David Mallamud”, brings the listener through a fanciful tour of time and place. Stops include a visit to Parisian music hall culture, ‘80s Glam Metal, Victorian parlor songs, salsa-drenched Latin daytime telenovelas, Irish-inspired sea shanties, and just about everything in between.  

Sweetening the musical pot is the addition of some of today’s greatest Broadway voices: Sierra BoggessAmick ByramJanet DacalMorgan JamesConstantine MaroulisChristiane Noll, and Brian Charles Rooneyplus Irish singer Cathie Ryan and Dan Webb (Rant & Roar), in collaboration with the Albany Symphonys rock-chamber ensemble, Dogs of Desire conducted by David Alan Miller. Also featured are guests Eric Rigler on uilleann pipes (films Braveheart and Titanic) and guitarist Joel Hoekstra (Rock of Ages, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Whitesnake).

Mallamud considers this album—produced by the acclaimed Kim Scharnberg, and Grammy winners Joel Moss and David Alan Miller—the best of a decade of work written for Dogs of Desire.

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